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Morning 6 AM To 11 AMZumba

Agility Functional training


Bollywood dance workout only for membersYogazumbaSteam 7am to 12 pm Only For Female MembersPanchakarma Steam 7am to 12 pm Only For Male MembersHoliday
5:00 Pm to 7:00 PmAll age group Bollywood dance workoutAll age group Bollywood dance workoutAll age group Bollywood dance workoutAll age group Bollywood dance workoutAll age group Bollywood dance workoutAll age group Bollywood dance workoutHoliday
7:00 pm to 9:00 pmTaekwondozumbaZumba Panchakarma and body spa only for membersHoliday

Gym And Workout Time

6 Days 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM

6 AM TO 9 AM


9 AM TO 5 PM


5 PM TO 9:30 PM


About Us

Frustrated with the poor quality of services and lack of support that health clubs have to offer throughout pune and pimpri chinchwad, Founder of Toshavi's Gym and Fitness Centre, Vaishali Dalvi brought a revolutionary and game-changing concept for health and fitness.

Toshavi,s Gym and Fitness Center encompasses the belief that long lasting lifestyle change is truly attained only when the 3 Pillars of Health are reached. Through our most innovative and groundbreaking philosophy, Toshavi's Gym and Fitness Center is able to establish a new relationship between people and their health.

The concept of the 3 Pillars of Health stems from the understanding of Man’s most powerful tool – the Mind. Research tells us that to achieve our goals and be truly satisfied, we must first actively change our mindset before physically working to our goal.  At Toshavi's Gym and Fitness Center in Pimpri Chinchwad, our exceptional professionals help our clients first uncover the power of the Mind before developing the other 2 pillars of health – Nutrition and Training.

With a wealth of expertise in the health and fitness industry, our Toshavi's Gym and Fitness Center leaders are not only specialized in the reprogramming of one’s mindset but also in understanding individual nutritional blueprint and training needs. The 3 Pillars of Health philosophy designed by Ultimate You Fitness is created to deliver the highest value of care, taking our clients to new and outstanding levels of success.

Our team is dedicated to developing your health and potential. We look forward to working with you soon.

We Are Here to Help You Reach Your Goals!

Customized training, proper supplementation, nutrition and meal planning. We use these to create a plan that incorporates cardio and weight training, flexibility training, and coaching all wrapped up in one!